Custom Truck Beds with a Sliding Deck / Lift Gate Like No Other!

Custom Truck Bed PhotosIt’s here, the most innovative and efficient custom truck beds with sliding deck available today. Sidney Slide truck beds are the only custom truck beds of their kind with a zero degree sliding delivery deck that maximizes load space while reducing physical labor. The Sidney Slide is the safest truck delivery method out there, because it eliminates the need to lift, pull, or drag heavy objects manually. These custom truck beds do the work for you.


The Sidney Slide custom truck bed provides you a safe and efficient transport with easy-to-use operation control of the sliding deck. You will also realize fewer damage claims while increasing your load capacity with the sliding deck because it keeps goods securely in place during delivery and transport. With Sidney Slide custom truck beds, you can improve your bottom line through a more efficient delivery system, and its sliding deck / lift gate makes it a safer process for your operators.

Performs for Many Industries 

Automotive Parts Delivery,  Landscaping and Lawn Care,  Small Equipment,  Highway or Field Service,  Industrial Machinery,  Appliances,  Farm Tire Service,  Monument Sales,  Lumber Yards,  and many more!

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